Nelson Carrera & Scoundrels Partners in Crime 10″ LP + CD

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Authentic Rockabilly Quartett from france with 10 self penned songs

If you like the 50’s Sun Sound, especially Carl Perkins, you will sure like Nelson Carrera on this limited Vinyl, too. Limited 500 copies


Art.-Nr.: Tessy CD+10" 2015 Kategorien: , Schlüsselwort:


Kombi-Pack LP+CD für 25 € (oder 33 € mit der Nelson Carrera & Scoundrels Doggone Blue Single in schwarz oder 35 € limitiert blau mit kleinem Split im Cover)

Nelson Carrera recorded his first single already in 1983 and is well known at the french rockabilly scene since then!

He moved to Portugal for a couple of years, had a few releases during the years and signed to Tessy Records in 2014. The first CD "Love is a trap" released in co-operation on Rhythm Bomb records and are partly recorded in Portugal and France.

In 2015 he got a new band "the Scoundrels". First recorded an EP as Trio without drums. Released on Tessy Records december 2015.

Here he's back as quartett with an full authentic Rockabilly sound and a complete long-player! After he toured in Belgium, Holland and Italy and on a festival in Donaueschingen the last 2 years, we're happy to see him in Reckenfeld (Greven) and Wolfenbüttel (were the Jägermeister came from) late April 2017.

If you like Carl Perkins or Johnny Burnette Trio you sure will like Nelson Carrera & the Scoundrels, too.

You can here a trailer with 6 songs here: