Doo Wop & Acappella in Germany Vol. 1 CD


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This Doo Wop CD was my idea and planned to be released on Tessy Records (on vinyl) in 1992 in companion with Michael David.

Finally, when the album was ready, Michael decided to found his own Label "Little Maria Records" and I "only" got a lot of CDs to Distribute them.

I kept around 25 copies in reserve that wasn't distributed and nearly forgot about them. So 28 years later I can offer you this unplayed CDs that are official sold out since approx. 25 years.

The CD contains 17 Songs from 10 german Doo Wop groups that excists at the beginning 90s (O.K. Five Voices was already split up shortly before).

I guess there never was so many different Doo Wop groups in Germany before and after.