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  Tessy Records complete list (* = still on wholesale)


*Tessy CD 3001 Lesly's Dynamite "Not as Usual!" (also available as LP)

New 6 piece Band feat. Valeska Kunath (was very successful as "June" on germans most successfull Johnny Cash Show from the "Cashbags" last 3 years before Corona as professional singer). Stefan Prestan Klöbzig on Guitar and backing vocals (Leader of Tom Twist, Backingband for Rhythm Sophie and head of "Preston Radio")

Northern Band Style, Jive, Swing with little parts of rocking white R&B, Jazz, Boogie - 12 self penned tracks (sax, piano + usual quartett with female slap)

*Tessy CD 1002 Crystalairs "Made in Germany"

Fantastic Doo Wop compilation with 21 german language songs, feat. great Covers of "Sandy", "Under the Boardwalk", "Angel on my sholder", "King without a queen" and others.


*Tessy CD 1001 Del Jays Streetcorner Harmony

Finally the first long player on our Doo Wop / Jive series

15 Acappella tracks (1 in german) from this german Band founded in 1994.

Fantastic full sound, so you won't miss any instruments.

*Tessy CD 208 The Cadcatz Rockabilly Trio: Story of Remembers

(5 Tracks, slimcase -- trades as 1/2 CD)

was planned as an 45 exclusive for the Remembers Rock'n'Roll Club to celebrate 31 years with 2 new self penned songs from the Cadcatz (sure they decided it, while celebrating 30 years together).

After all was said and done the Club found out, that most members don't have a record player anymore and prefered a CD Single.

As I hate 2 track CD singles, I persuaded the band to look in their archives for some unreleased tracks and they found 3 great Live recordings from the 90s that was never planned to issue.  So here you have the chance to hear them live on CD for the very first time!

If you're not familiar with the band, they started as Cadcatz Sun Quartett and played at the big munich festival at Theaterfabrik in 1986, having a self released EP in 1989 with 2 tracks also re-released on the great Rockhouse Neo Rockabillly Story series (LP/CD), before signed to Tessy Records. Also had later releases on Part and Cherokee records.

Dieses Bild hat ein leeres Alt-Attribut. Der Dateiname ist Cadcatz-Remembers-front.jpg       Dieses Bild hat ein leeres Alt-Attribut. Der Dateiname ist Cadcatz-Remembers-back.jpg

* Tessy CD2016 The Hot Wheels: Unchained Melodies

12 "Neo-Rockabilly" Tracks (fast Rockabilly, 4 self penned, few with harp)

* Tessy CD2015 Nelson Carrera and the Scoundrels: Partners in Crime

12 self penned, authentic Rockabilly from france.

cd-front-nelson-carrera-partners-in-crimeCD back

Tessy CD2014 The Pin Sharps: Cupcake Murder (Last 5 copies, no trades)

15 "Chickabilly" from Berlin.  11 self penned. In the 80's you would have called it "female fronted Neo Rockabilly". Comes with a lovely 12 page booklet include all self penned song lyrics.


5 Tessy Records releases with Rhythm Bomb Distribution:

* Tessy CD2013/RBR 5796 Chris Almoada: On the great river Road (17 Rockabilly,  R’n’R, Hillbilly Rock & Texas swing with stories from the states besides the great river, since many years on french scene)


* Tessy CD2012/RBR 5773 Nelson Carrera: Love is a Trap (15 great Rockabilly, some recorded in Portugal, some by Steve Rydell; since many years on french scene)


* Tessy CD2011/RBR 5728 Cadcatz: Many Styles of – Best of 25 years and new tracks (few copies left):

Feat. their Rockabilly “Dance Hall” hit “Your Baby tonight” from 1989, as well as brand new recordings, including for the first time 2 songs in german language

Cadcatz Many styles of

Tessy CD2010/RBR 5674 Phil Trigwell & the Deputies: Ooh, ooh Wee! His latest CD (feat. J.J. from Wildfire Willie's Rambler on Guitar!) and 14 new self penned Rockabilly

Tessy CD2009/RBR 5643 Phil Trigwell & the Los Bandhagos: Boogie Woogie Cowboy

18 Tracks, some self penned, from Rockabilly to Rock'n'Roll and Country Boogie

Tessy CD 2007 Phil Trigwell & the Deputies: It wasn't the moonlight

(Sold out - Details see LP)

Tessy CD 2002 Cadcatz: Rockabilly Party (German Rockabilly Band) (1 left)


* Tessy EP-207 Gigi & the Two Tones (Hardcover w. Innersleeve)

2 female Rock'n'Roll / Rockabilly feat. LaVerne Baker's Voodoo Voodoo,

self penned Rockin' Sender (1 english and 1 Czech) + I love you honey

limited 100 blue Vinyl (few left, no wholesale) + 400 black Vinyl

* Tessy 45-206 Skinny Teens: Jesse Lee EP (Hardcover)

2 midtempo Rockabilly & 2 Stroller recorded at Lightning Recorders, Berlin,

Sleeve Design: Marcel Bontempi

500 limited not numbered copies

Skinny Teens Jessy Lee Front

* Tessy 45-205 Skinny Teens: Blow my Bop EP (Hardcover)

2 Rockabilly + 1 Rock'n'Roll/ Stroller with vocal backing and a midtempo Jiver (only few left, already re-bought some from the band)

recorded at Lightning Recorders, Berlin,

Sleeve Design: Marcel Bontempi

506 limited not numbered copies

Skinny Teens Blow My Bop Frontcover Klein  Skinny teens Blow my Bop Rückseite

* Tessy 45-204 Nelson Carerra & Scoundrels: Doggone Blue EP

159 limited and numbered blue Vinyl (few left) + 10 white label promos

* 359 black Vinyl

recorded as authentic Rockabilly Trio, 4 self penned songs


Tessy 45-203 Granny's Roosters: I'm leaving you - Hillbilly/Rockabilly EP  - found 3 centered copies at my parents home! rare

   (sold out except a few not centered copies)

Tessy 45-202 Cadcatz:  I only wanna Rock - Little cabin on the hill

(A: wild Rockabilly; B: authentic Hillbilly-Rocker; sleeve Design by Martin Eder) sold out!


* Tessy 45-201 Wild Bob Burgos: I'm a Rocker EP – (Teddyboy R’n’R , limited 999 copies)


Tessy 45-101 Pearls and the Primas: Reach for the Stars EP (Jive, 1 Acappella - 500 copies, comes in an expensive thick 9 coloured 50's sleeve) (completly sold out)



*Tessy 33-2015 Nelson Carrera and the Scoundrels: Partners in Crime 10" LP

10 self penned, authentic Rockabilly from france. Limited not numbered 525 copies


Tessy 33-2008 Cadcatz 10” LP Nighttrain to Memphis (only 72 copies exist because all other went back to the pressing plant (awful pressing with bubbles), but Adrenalin Records never came up with the promised re-pressing  (have 2 copies in collection, open for bids)

Tessy 33-2007 Phil Trigwell & Deputies: It wasn't the moonlight (sold out);  16 self penned authentic Rockabilly / R'n'R Tracks -- Continental Restyling (Nr. 28) review: Phil Trigwell's first LP was great, but his latest one is just OUT OF THIS WORLD"


Tessy 33-2006 not issued -- (planned compilation “rockin’ around northern Europe”)

Tessy 33-2005 Rockin’ Roosters: Bop with the (First band from “Cherry Casino” Axel Praefke; (only 52 copies exist, all other had bubbles and went back to the pressing plant, but Adrenalin Records never came up with the promised re-pressing (reissued on Part records - sold out)

Tessy 33-2004 Wildfire Willie & the Ramblers: Rarin' to go (sold out)


* Tessy 33-2003 Phil Trigwell & the Deputies "same": Very first LP (self penned songs + some great Buddy Holly Covers --  feat. J.J. Juvonen on Guitar)  Last LP's with the correct printed sleeve - few still on trade

I still have a box of misprinted (negative) sleeves I would sell for 10 € each or 1,5:1 trades


Tessy 33-2001 Black Knights: Town of Rock'n’Roll

(famous Teddyboy Rock'n'Roll from Sweden - sold out)


* Wholesale offers or trades welcome

(others sold out or only few copys left)