Crazy Cavan Who’s gonna Rock ya when I’m gone? (LP foldout Cover) Black Vinyl


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Brandnew 2021 release

12 rare alt. takes recorded mostly 1983 (good quality - for the first time on Vinyl)

(also available on 50 years celebration CD box)

+ Title Track from 1995

fold out LP with many pictures

at the time of listing I have 2 black (sold in between) , 1 gold (20,99 € still here) and 1 white Vinyl (19,99 € still here) in stock. I might get more, if sold  (also released as silver Vinyl and picture Disc not in stock at Moment and red Vinyl as preorder is announced)

I have many more Crazy Cavan LP's (New and used ones) and CDs in Stock.

Please ask at Tessy (at) for older releases.